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Bio-Refinery and Bio-Energy Engineering
Bio-Refinery Engineering

Through our subsidiary, Oiltek Sdn. Bhd. (“Oiltek”), we engineer, procure and construct facilities to refine palm oil. Our total refining solutions include complete edible oil and nonedible oil refining plants, renewable energy and biofuel plants as well as systems and process improvement for existing refining operations. Oiltek also plays an important industry role as a distributor of machinery and components.

We were the first company to come up with the PRESTRIPPER system for removal of free fatty acid in palm oil prior to full distillation and deodorization. Another innovation is our unique ENORMOUS system to increase the yield of refined oil. Our various achievements and technological breakthroughs have been received by us distinguished accolades such as the Asia Pacifi c Super Excellent Brand 2009, Asia Success Award and Super Outstanding Brand in 2012 and 2013.

Supported by more than 35 years of experience, Oiltek today markets to more than 26 countries across Asia, Africa, Central America and Latin America. Oiltek is also the process licensee of Malaysia Palm Oil Board for biodiesel, winter fuel, multi-feedstock biodiesel, phytonutrient extraction and other downstream processes.

Bio-Energy Engineering

Being one of the pioneering engineering companies in Malaysia which successfully designed, built and delivered biodiesel since 2000, KBE enjoys a leading track record in integrated and multi-feedstock biodiesel plants, which are currently running and operating successfully in Malaysia and Thailand.

We also provide consultancy, design, engineering, procurement and construction services for palm oil mills seeking to recover and utilise methane as a source of renewable energy for power generation.

As a leading provider of palm oil mill effluent (“POME”) biogas and methane recovery systems, we have the technology to recover biogas such as methane from palm oil mills across the two leading palm oil producing countries, namely Malaysia and Indonesia. This technology optimises capital expenditure with low operational and maintenance costs and high efficiency in terms of amount of biogas recovered. Furthermore, it is without fire risk and has a proven track record of long-term operation with zero shutdown. The biogas recovered can be used for industrial and commercial purposes such as a direct displacement for boiler fuel such as fuel oil, diesel and even biomass. Biogas can also be used in a thermal and electricity generation, as well as a hydrogen plant.

KBE also assists in designing, reviewing, submitting and supporting POME biogas recovery projects to achieve Certified Emission Reduction registration, commonly known as carbon credits. We have demonstrated our capabilities and track record by completing successful biogas capturing and utilisation projects in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Koh Brothers Building &
Civil Engineering Contractor (Pte.) Ltd

KBCE is registered with the Building Construction Authority (BCA), under the A1 classification for both building and civil engineering. A1 is the highest classification of registration, enabling the company to tender for public sector contracts of unlimited value.

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